Changing markets Nowadays, in the more and more globalising world market it is more and more difficult to maintain market position. Besides the increasing demands from customers, the competitors are becoming more innovative and cost effective. The products are more detailed and their life cycle is getting shorter. Therefore competitiveness can only be realised by continuous improvement, and aiming at zero mistakes. Gózon & Gózon undertakes to help meeting the more and more strict business conditions.  ProfileBy utilising our experience and special knowledge you can establish your own course of business, supplier chain and production processes: examining all sides – from the first step of the design until the finished products. Our mutual innovation efforts will result in the development of your course of business.   MissionOur task is to provide such technological and industrial solutions for our customers that increase the efficiency of their activity, enlighten the new business opportunities. Our motto, “Our strength is not having weakness” accurately describes our work and mission.   Method of work Gózon & Gózon works with you and for you. The base of co-operation is the strong partnership. Its condition is the thorough knowledge of the given business activity and the market demands. Our aim is that you operate profitably through our help. We provide solutions and make every endeavour to understand and make you understand the market demands. We add value to your activities by providing expert knowledge in utilising business opportunities.  Gózon & Gózon operates in projects, and we become your partner with a Service Contract.