Process supportGózon & Gózon with its utmost knowledge helps you satisfy the market demands. This expertise realises in solutions to be applied directly in the everyday business activity today and in the future as well. The principal elements of our method:Project management
  • Defining the mutual tasks to be solved
  • Preparing application

Expert advice

  • Preparing first analysis
  • Project suggestion to solve the problems, planning
  • Defining indicators, to evaluate the success of the project

Drawing up applications, concepts

  • Realising solution

Crisis management

  • Setting balancing solutions, for the sake of your safe operation

Test management

  • Checking

Launching the system

  • Evaluation and follow up of the solution

Our servicesSupply chain process

  • Establishing, developing and auditing processes outside the plant
  • Establishing and auditing the supply chain
  • Information technology between the supplier and the customer (software, e-business)
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Logistic processes within the plant, their auditing, developing improvement options

Warehouse systems, layout

  • Evaluating and optimising warehouse processes
  • Warehouse strategies
  • Examining, establishing material flow
  • Designing and realising up-to-date warehouse tools (automatic and semi-automatic systems, warehouse machinery)
  • Introducing material handling
  • software applications
  • Establishing bar code system (optionally involving suppliers)
  • Line supply technologies
  • Packaging technologies

Radio frequency and online systems 

  • Online data flow
  • Joining these methods to integrated systems
  • GPS system integration

Shipping, freight organising

  • Freight organising strategies

Integrated systems and customs solutions

  • Customs states and their conditions, process and system adoption
  • EbMFG/Pro, SAP, implementation, audit

Unique Softwares

  • Sotwares, Interfaces

Improvement of productions

  • Increasing output
  • Ergonomie, plan of the production layout, and improvement


  • HCCP, TS, ISO, QS preparation, and flow improvement, implementation


  • Logistic
  • Custom
  • Systems

 Information technologyOur strength is to implement your strategy into different management systems. In case:

  • you need assistance in setting up or developing a concept,
  • defining the system of requests, or a need is present in counselling or auditing your existing project
  • in preparing documentation,

the colleagues of Gózon & Gózon are always at your disposal with their expertise and experience. Our colleagues are available any time a day. Whether your employees work in three shifts, or you have questions in the morning or in the evening, it does not matter. We provide online access and constant availability. LogisticsGózon & Gózon supports you throughout the whole logistic process, from the supplier to the customer. Our expertise assists you in realising the strategy approved by you.We proffer our wide experience and contact system to successfully realise projects, like:

  • Yard management
  • establishing consignation warehouse system
  • developing information contact between customers and suppliers; examining and modifying packaging machinery;
  • packaging systems;
  • establishing consignation warehouse towards the customers;
  • organising benchmarking;
  • system and process auditing;
  • inventory management;
  • warehouse planning;
  • plant-level material flow planning and implementing;
  • ergonomics.

During our work we consider that all our solutions should be environment friendly, cost effective and should meet the latest quality requirements.Several multinational plants are successfully using processes and systems developed by us.